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4/30 I ordered a new spindle bearing kit for the SouthBend 9C. Now I can install the "new" spindle. My next step is to fab a Lathe stand.

4/30 I ordered a VFD (variable frequency drive) for my Burke mill. The VFD will convert single phase 220V to three phase 220V.

5/4 Repairing Lexus IS 300 exhaust.  The midpipe section literally got ripped off the car!.

5/4 Setting up a woodworking shop. Consists of large Grizzly band saw and smal Jet band saw. Also replacing the drill chuck on a Delta drill press.

5/4 Working prototype gun holster. Ordered material, need to design. 

5/23 Installed VFD on Burke mill. It's alive!!!!!! I got this machine from the basement of a very unique individual. He ground precision optical lenses for NASA in the 60's and tinkered/machined at home. His shop was full of military/defense surplus. Really beyond words, I would've loved to seen his shop back in the day.

X travel 8.00 Y travel 3.00 Z travel 12.00

The VFD is very easy to use and is programmable. I bought it off eBay for $130. Huanyang Electric model HY02D223B. I have only scratched the surface of this unit. I want to learn how to optimize the electric braking feature.

5/23 Installed SB spindle and bearings, need to make an aluminum crush sleeve to finish.

5/23 Repaired 50 year old wrought iron railing. I love ARC welding with my Lincoln V135

5/23 Purchased material for SB lathe stand! Now it's time to design!

6/20 Purchased Havir 2 Ton OBI. Also purchased some misc tooling including a slip roller!

6/20 Rearranged shop after selling my Atlas lathe. Starting to look good now!

6/23 Installed Subframe connectors on Project 5.0

6/25 I moved over to Facebook because it's easier to do than this!