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Culpeper, United States
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Old School! I started sweeping and mopping up in a family owned precision machine shop in Chantilly, Virginia. I worked very hard and served my "unofficial apprenticeship" there learning from master machinists. I then worked in an ultra modern facility with 8 CNC milling and turning machines. I worked with engineers, students, and other clients bringing their ideas on paper to life! Then I went to work for Raytheon Systems in Falls Church working on UAV/Drones, metal chassis and numerous other field related projects. Raytheon sponsered my official Virginia State Machinist Apprenticeship Certificate.We also had a weld shop there that really fascinated me and motivated me to learn the trade. 

Through the advice of a good friend, and excellent welder, I studied Oxy/Fuel welding at Northern Virginia Community College. I aquired a small MIG machine and an ARC buzz box. Then, I purchased a TIG welder. I then subcontracted with a small construction company repairing, designing and building custom ornate iron gates and fencing. I have been busy ever since!  

Now, I have a small hobby shop at home where I can fulfill my passion for metalworking!


Scott J.